2015 in a Nutshell

This past year has brought many changes.  As I typed in the title it occurred to me that I am officially nuts and our home has become our shell – thus it is encouraging to see that it is a very fitting title.

The year began as a typical first of the year begins.  We had great ambitions and started off with making goals.  I have to laugh as I reread the goals of 2015 (blank copy found here) as Silas said that he wanted to stop “reading books”.  There are things that we aim for and sometimes miss by a long shot and then there are paths where we never thought we would venture.

Fostering was one of those aspects – we bought a 12 Passenger van in May.  We hadn’t committed yet but figured it was a step in that direction.  We started our classes in June and had completed them in August.  Just 1 week after completing the classes we were called with a case.  We received 3 siblings ages 3,4 and 5, a boy and 2 girls.  We have had them with us for almost 5 months now and life has changed for us and them.  It has opened our eyes.  It has made us grateful for the blessings God gave us.

Nathaniel turned 14 this year and has grown in many ways.  He started 9th grade at Wayne High School and has done fairly well carrying a load with several Honors classes and also taking a College class at Sinclair.  He has taken over cooking the majority of the meals – which is a job feeding a family of 10.  He does it very well and enjoys it.  He would like to have a culinary degree along with a computer degree as the end goal.  He would love to spend all his free time playing video games, but is typically gracious with the couple hours a week he is given.

Isaiah turned 12 this year.  He is still our witty, educational loving child who is still quite the affectionate one.  The little girls tell him no often as he is constantly kissing them.  He also tested at college level and he took a computer class at Sinclair with Nathaniel.  He carries an A average in all his classes, some of them being honors.  Isaiah still has a love for soccer and is looking forward to playing in the Spring.  His love for legos and his ability to make incredible art is still his favorite pastime.

Sarah is 9 now and has a great love of “mothering”.  She tends to the little ones as they are her own and yearns to be big so that she can do so many more things – like babysit.  She is still big hearted and wants to own a zoo – well at least a couple dogs and cats.  She has become a great reader and doing well in school.

Silas just turned 8 on the 27th of December.  He an intelligent kid.  Quick with numbers and letters, Silas excels at most things.  He is still trying to find his niche in the world but being as bright as he is  – the world has a gift coming to them.  Silas enjoys playing with legos and cars.  He also enjoys drawing and coloring and takes much time in making it just so.

Lydia although only 4 is still the one who wins over most.  She is our child that is cute and sassy and adds a lot of drama but is also the most accessorized child that picks out her own outfits and accessories with great consideration.  She started preschool this year and it was with great concern that we did so.  It didn’t start off so well, but now she is doing well learning and doing what the teacher says.

Randy said goodbye to MSD after 15 1/2 years and started a new position at Central NICC at Wright Patt AFB.  He is a project manager there and it has provided him with greater responsibilities but with greater potential for growth.  He enjoys going to work and has found that it was a great move.  He still enjoys drawing in his free time and still has a love for the Dallas Cowboys.

Priscilla is a full-time mom along with babysitting for extras when needed.  Two before and after school kids along with a variety of others throughout the week in addition to the 8, bring much busyness and fills the schedule up but also allows her to fulfill her dream of mothering.  She attends bible study weekly and although enjoys reading and relaxing, it is difficult to find many free moments for that.

Our family was able to go visit Randy’s parents for a long weekend back in August as they live in Somerset, KY.  Other than that we make our home our haven and don’t venture out much.  We look forward to a new year with great anticipation for the coming of Christ.  No matter what happens or where we are at, we know that preparing our hearts is what matters most.  We hope to encourage others to have a personal relationship with Christ in how we live for Him.  May your year be full of blessings and you feel the grace and mercy God so kindly shows us on a daily basis.