Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Adkins Home

Lineup family 2014

As we embrace a New Year, we would like to reflect on our previous year and update you on our family’s lives.  We are very thankful for the blessings that God has given us and at this time of year, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we can’t help but think of the ultimate sacrifice He made by going to the cross to die for our sins.  As we raise our family, we want to impress on them the TRUE meaning of Christmas and becoming more Christ-like.

Randy celebrates his 15th year at MSD working as an estimator.  He has a very serving heart and you can find him many times doing a project for someone – from roofing to putting in a water heater.  He still enjoys cars and drawing but doesn’t find much time to engage in it.  Being the sole provider he does a great job at managing all that needs done.

Priscilla had a short junt of working for the Dayton Airport as a ramp agent which gave us the “perk” of flying for free, which we took advantage of a couple of times.  She spends her time these days caring for needs that arise.  She enjoys a couple weekly bible studies at First Baptist of Vandalia where we have been attending for 5 years now. Couponing is an asset in which she is skilled at and has taught a couple of classes for a program at church.  When she isn’t busy…..she enjoys reading and eating peanut butter goodies.

Nathaniel turned 13 on July 6th.  We are very proud of him as he is in Honors Geometry and Advanced Reading.  He still hates writing but enjoys most other things.  He has taught himself how to yo-yo, solve the Rubix Cube (with some help), and most recently how to knit – in fact, selling hats and scarfs at school.  We are very blessed to have such a gentle spirited teenager that is loved by many.

Isaiah turned 11 on July 27th.  He is still quite the comedic, witty and creative .  He recently was in our church play as a main character and did a great job.  Isaiah excels in school and loves spending time with his friend(s).  He also enjoys reading and playing with legos.  He is a very sweet and loveable pre-teen and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

Sarah turned 8 on August 18th.  She is a loving child who is always looking for a way to help people, in fact wanting to carry a first aid kit around just in case she needs it.  She has an amazing teacher this year that is helping her excel in reading.  She is working on conquering multiplication and will be moving onto division after the first of the year.  Littlest pet shops and baking is what she enjoys the most right now.  We are blessed to have her in our family.

Silas will be turning 7 on December 27th.  He is mostly a quiet child who enjoys doing his own thing…….in so many ways.  He is learning some tough lessons in life about obeying but still has a sweet nature and tender heart.  He really loves cars and excels at school in all areas.  A bright child who we love and feel very blessed to have in our lives.

Lydia turned 3 on June 20th.  She is a firecracker that is full of life.  She appears to be sweet and loving but as we have video to prove, it is not always that way.  She is growing fast and is becoming very independent.  She loves to laugh and is quite drawn to “Frozen” right now.  We feel blessed to have her in our lives.

So much to be thankful for as we are in a season of giving.  We send to all of you a greeting of peace and joy.  Peace in that you find a relationship with Jesus and Joy in the everyday things.

Blessings from our hearts to your homes,

Randy, Priscilla, Nathaniel, Isaiah, Sarah, Silas and Lydia Adkins

Pictures taken by Elizabeth Kessler : Blessed & Redeemed Photgraphy