A Trust Issue

I had an incident earlier in the year that brought this subject to mind, actually a couple of incidents.

First I was driving our van in route to home as I had taken our youngest to the Dr. since she wasn’t feeling well.  I remember the drive well because the van was on E.  It was on a prayer that I made it off the exit and to the gas station to get gas.  I remember going to fill the van and my credit card being declined.  It was one of them “WHAT? You’ve got to me kidding me moments.”  But no, I later found out that there had been fraudulent activity on it and I was unable to use it.  I resorted to my debit card, praying that a check hadn’t cleared that would allow me to put enough gas in my tank to make it home.  I breathed a sigh of relief when the pump turned on and I was able to FILL up the van.  I was truly thankful that God had heard my prayers.  I knew I needed to pick up the medicine that the dr. office had called in but as I went to leave the gas station and head across to the pharmacy, things were not as they should be.  I went to hit the brakes and they weren’t there!  I pumped fervently thinking “Oh, Lord, help me be able to stop”.  I began to pray again and trying to think it through the best way to make it home without just pulling off to the side and calling my mom asking her to load up the rest of the kids and come rescue me.  I prayed all the way home that day and I know that God heard me.  He helped me make it all the way home and pull into the garage, without going THROUGH the garage.  What a nerve-racking experience!  But my lesson had only begun.

My husband came home and examined it finding a brake line that appeared to have broken which caused me not to have compression to utilize my brakes.  It happened that my dad and he decided to fix it …..there’s more to this story, but we’ll leave it at that, resulting in them dropping the fuel tank,. Ummmm, I had JUST filled it up.  It turned out to be a not so easy fix.  When dropping the gas tank, a part on the fuel pump had broken which resulted in waiting for the part to come in before I would be back on the road again.  I was not feeling so safe about driving this vehicle again. Yet, it was prayer that kept me sane.  I prayed that God would keep me safe.  Thoughts tumbled through my head.  Really could I trust my dad and Randy to have done a sufficient job in putting the brake line on and the gas tank back together that this vehicle would not only carry me safely to and from my destinations but also my children.?  I didn’t feel confident in the fact that in them trying to fix one problem, it created another.  But on the other hand, I had someone who loved me from birth and had proven time and time again that he had my best interest in mind and someone who had chosen me to not only be a partner for life but also to bear and raise his children, these men would never intentionally put me in harm’s way; yet, I was distrustful.

I did some deeper thinking on this and knew that I wanted to share this with others.  Here WE are created by HIM (God) and not only were we CREATED by HIM, but we were designed by Him!!  Wow!  Go ahead, let that sink in a bit.  Our parents gave life to us AFTER God not only designed us and knitted us in our mother’s womb, but also after He had even added the little details – like freckles and dimples.  Wouldn’t HE have our best interest in mind?  Wouldn’t He know how to “fix” us?  He made us!!  Yet, we have more trust in someone who isn’t even connected to us to take care of our needs and wants?  Amazing realization on my part, maybe on yours too!  We trust that our employers are going to pay us every pay-day, yet God already knows our needs and has made provisions for us.

I know that its difficult for some to swallow – asking “Does this mean that I sit back and just let God take care of everything?”  No, we have to have a servant’s heart and be willing to do our part BUT He is there!!  He wants YOU to cry out to Him!  He wants YOU to sing His praises!  He wants YOU to talk to Him – and Yes, I believe that sometimes he allows us to have these hurdles because its been awhile since we have talked to Him.

Another illustration surfaced around Easter of this year not long after this situation had played out.  I was visiting my sister (see I didn’t mention your name Elizabeth….lol) in Virginia Beach for the weekend and so happens that I was riding with her.  I will insert a disclaimer here that I have never said that I am an outstanding driver BUT with that being said its a little worrisome when you are the sidekick in an adventure and your brake isn’t working on your side of the car.  It was another moment in which I realized that we put our lives into the hands of others so many times in a day, yet we are reluctant to give/trust God with our lives.  We are afraid that he isn’t someone we can trust.  He is trustworthy!  He has YOUR best interest in mind.  I challenge you to think about the situations in which you put trust in and then think about the situations in which you don’t trust God to take care of for you.  HE MADE YOU!  He Loves YOU!

I have to also mention that it makes me think of the potter and the clay.  A potter has time and energy invested in his work – so he is going to want the best for it.  He isn’t going to just leave it sit out to ruin.  He isn’t going to be careless with it.  So many times we don’t see the value in something because we don’t have the time and energy invested in it or the money.  Think about it~Call out to Jesus, He cares for you!