Merry Christmas – A family letter for you

Dear Friends & Family,

Greetings to you as we wrap up the year of 2010!  Things have been busy here at the Adkins’ household this past year.  Here is a glimpse of what our lives held this past year.

Randy is going into his 11th year at Mechanical Systems of Dayton.  He is an estimator for the company and has had some great success in pulling in jobs for them this year.  We are very thankful that he enjoys his job and that it is going well.  He still enjoys doing artwork and has been approached by several people to illustrate books, draw for murals and many other opportunities that use his God-given talents. 

As many of you know we bought a foreclosed house on Dec. 12th that required much work.  We had to gut the entire house in a matter of a few weeks to make it livable.  We moved in on December 31st, and it is now a very nice home thanks to so many of our great family and friends who helped us make it happen in time.  We are very appreciative of the additional space as we went from 1026 sq. ft. to 1846 sq. ft.  It took quite a team to pull it together and many long hours but we made it and have enjoyed making it a home. 

Priscilla has decided to give up her 8-year long run as being a Pampered Chef Consultant and will be able to focus on raising the children along with caring for other children throughout the week.  We are also expecting another addition to our family by July 1, 2011, as she is currently 13 weeks pregnant.

Nathaniel is now in the 4th grade and still excels at Math and Science.  He does well in school and enjoys learning.  He played ball this year and did well, his team winning the championship.  He seems to really enjoy this sport and will playing again in the spring.  At age 9 ½, he is about 5 ft. tall.  His sensitivity to things comes out often as he is a well-mannered child and does well at caring about those around him.

Isaiah is our tenderhearted 7 ½ years old who is quick to give hugs and love on the little ones.  He is in 2nd grade and doing well.  A shining moment for us as parents came in July when Isaiah announced that he wanted to become a Christian.  I asked him if he knew what being a Christian was and he said NO.  I explained to him that it was giving your life over to Jesus and asking him into your heart – Accepting that HE was Lord, Believing that HE died on the cross, and Confessing your sins to Him.  It also meant making a decision to follow Christ and choosing to live a life pleasing to Christ.  He was very serious that this was a decision that he wanted to do.  We were driving at the time and I asked him if he wanted to pray right then or when we got home, he wanted to wait until we got home.

When we got home, he and I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive his sins and to help him make decisions that would not only bring him closer to Christ (like reading his Bible and praying) but also that he could be an example to others for Christ.  It is absolutely amazing of the change in this child.  He had gotten in trouble the week’s prior in school and notes sent home.  From that day forward, he was a different kid.  The teacher was amazed even and said that Isaiah was a different student.  It was a difference that others seen. 

Our little Sarah – dubbed “Daddy’s Princess” – is now 4 ½ and is quite the entertainer.  She is quite the nurturer and loves to tend to anyone that may need special attention.  She is quick to offer assistance and thrives on her independence.  She loves to dance and “pin” around and is quite quick to let anyone know that she has talent to dance and that she needs him or her to watch.  She is great at helping out although since we have started the marble system wants to earn a marble for anything she assists with.  She is constantly singing and chatting – very much girl, but also ready to defend herself should the boys try to cross the line.

And Silas – going to be 3 on the 27th of Dec. – is quite busy.  Always on the go!  He is constantly keeping us busy either cleaning up his messes or keeping him from making them.  He tries to be one of the older kids and do things himself which doesn’t always produce positive results.  One great joy of his is playing in the water.  He loves to fill things up with water and dump them into other things, no matter if they have holes, don’t get water, or even need water.  He is doing well socially as at the beginning of the year it was difficult to get him to separate himself from me for even a brief period of time but now he goes to Sunday School by himself to play with his friends for several hours.

So life has been busy this past year in the Adkins’ household and we only look for the pace to pick up as our children mature in a variety of ways.  We are very thankful that we have God in our lives to help us lead our children in the right direction and pray that he will continue to bless our efforts as we strive for the ultimate goal of Heaven.  We know that His return is fast approaching.  We ask that if you don’t know Christ as your personal Savior that you start a relationship with Him today.  HE is the reason for Christmas  – the gifts and all the holiday trimmings get us sidetracked that without Him coming as a babe in a manger and dying on the cross for our sins, we could have no eternal life.  Choose LIFE – eternal life – so that you too can be ready when He returns.

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!

The Adkins

Dec. 23, 2010


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