Review of Wild At Heart by John Eldredge

I found this book to be somewhat enlighting as I have read many books about men and this seemed to be a bit different. It was enlightening because it discussed how men need to be able to be wild – to be able to let their masculinity show. It doesn’t serve a man well to be pinned down and not able to allow the inner self to be shown.

The author John Eldredge brought out the point that many times us as women do not want our men to be dangerous. We want them to be courageous but not to do anything that might cause us concern. Whereas the man needs to have the risk taking and to be able to show that he is MAN and able to do it.

I have several pages marked in the book that really impressed me and that I want to go back and review on a deeper level in my own marriage to see what kind of take my husband has on it.

Thank you BookSneeze for allowing me to review this book at no cost!