An amazing woman

Yes, I am talking about my mother.  I find that with Mother’s Day coming is a fine day to tell you about what a wonderful individual Beth Shade is!  Of course, many of you reading this already know.  But don’t stop reading because it may help you love her even more.

I was adopted at the age of………ok, no – she gave birth to me and as my brother proclaimed on my last birthday – I robbed him of his only child status.  Mom went on to have 3 more of us girls.  Life was very busy in our household as she had all of us and our activities, she was Dad’s right hand woman whether it was calling on the church people with him or changing the oil.  Mom just jumped in where she was needed.  She still does that!

Mom comes to my house usually 2 days a week – yes, I am very blessed but don’t be jealous of me yet – wait until I get through this paragraph.  She comes to visit and gets a little more than what she may have baragained for.  I give her the privilege of mopping my kitchen floor, cleaning my bathroom and watching my kids.  You know that tasks that at times seem mundane and not so glorifying.  She enjoys it – she said that – not me!  I am very appreciative of it.  So much I wanted you all to know that my house is not clean b/c of me – its my mother!  She makes my life easier b/c she knows the challenges of raising little rambuctious soldiers and a little princess and how busy times and unappreciative the mundane tasks are.

Ok, so now you can be jealous….but I have more.

My mother is always busy – she likes being busy.  I am sure that her tires on her car and the cell phone could tell a number of stories that we don’t know about.  The things that she does for other people with them not knowing much of the time.  She is of value.  I am so very appreciative of my mother and who she is.  She is not the woman that raised me – she has definitely matured and has way surpassed her.  She doesn’t believe that spanking is as effective today  – I wish she would have found that out 34 years ago!  I would have been wild and on my 1st tattoo and piercing!  Not really……

Anyways – I wanted to share a piece of my mother with you all and let it be publicly known that I appreciate her.  She is very dear to me and I couldn’t have asked God for a better mother – he gave me the one that was just right for ME!

I love you Mama!


Life is short

I recently had a close friend pass away unexpectedly at the age of 25.  Her name was Ashley Wilson Hofele and she left behind a 2 1/2 year old and a husband of 3 years.  It has impacted me in a way that I hope changes me forever! 

Finding words to express the void that I fill and what I want to say is difficult.  Ashley and I spent much time together especially during the younger years of my older boys.  She would come and get them just because she liked hanging out with them.  During her time of chemo and many doctor appointments, she would invite me to go along and we would hang out.  It was always a fun time – never really focused on the Lupus that her body carried.  I remember we would leave the appointment and she would call a series of people to let them know what the doctor said.  I would hear it repeated many times and think – geez, if this was me I would call 2 people and tell them, and that would be it.  She was just open like that. 

But yet, I was still surprised – amazed really, at the turnout at her viewing.  Around 1500 people.  That is alot of lives that she touched in 25 years!  People waited for 2 + hours to visit the family and view the body.  It impacted me in a way of how I reach out to others.  Have I touched lives in a profound way that they will want to reach out to my family in letting them know how special I was?  Do people see Jesus in me?  No one is perfect – Ashley and I had moments of disagreements but with all due her – she was always helping someone in some way or another.  No one that knew her could call her selfish.  Her parents are the same way……generous beyond measure.  My life has been touched by knowing Ashley and having been her friend.  I can remember countless conversations of her applauding me as to so many things.  She was a great encourager and uplifting.  I so miss that.

My heart is still grieving the loss of Ashley – I can’t seem to wrap my mind around never talking to her again in person.  The stamina and ability to function that the Wilson Family and Jesse have shown is amazing and God-given.  They have comforted me during this sadness – as I struggle to find the words to comfort them.  Death is difficult and brings so much into focus and then when someone at a young age passes and unexpectedly, it brings a mirage of feelings into perspective.

My style is not to preach at people for them to find the Lord.  I find that living a life that is pleasing to God can speak volumes.  I have family members and friends that have displaced God  – not making him a priority.  If this one thing doesn’t speak volumes  – GOD is in control – you might want to check your pulse and make sure your still living.  He can surely take you out whether you are ready to go or not and not anyone or anything can save you when your number is called.  That is powerful!  I know that I want to be ready to go to Heaven so that any given moment I am called, I am ready.

There are people that are given wake up calls – cancer, a health issue, death of a loved one and it doesn’t seem to shake them.  So let this be a warning that God just may not give you another chance and just take you. 

Again – I really didn’t mean to preach – I have a jumble of thoughts but wanted to get out what was on my heart.  I feel a void with Ashley gone and hug my children a little tighter and pray constantly!  This being said – don’t wait to let your loved ones know that you love them.  Honor them, encourage them.  Let them know just how important they are to you.  I want to value people in my life not things. 

Much love to all who reads this.  I will pray that you find the peace that satisfies your soul.