About a week ago I choked on a piece of meat.  Just sitting there having dinner w/my family and choked.  I couldn’t breathe, talk – anything.  I kept pointing at my throat and looking at Randy.  As he saw my face turning red, he came over and I stood up.  He did the heimlach manuever and it came up.

Amazing how just one situation can make you take a look at your life and see how blessed you are to have one more breathe.  And then to look at all the blessings in your life.  So many times we are looking at how bad life is for us and forget about just the little things – like breathing – that we take for granted. 

I look at my family and how blessed we are.  We are healthy with no serious illnesses – just an occasional cold.  My husband has a job that has employed for 9 years now and he is valuable to the company.  He actually likes his job which is another huge plus.  He is also able to lend his talent to his sister who pays him to utilize his artistic ability with the company that they own and operate.  I am very fortunate to be able to stay at home and raise my children.  Many of these things are an abnormality in today’s society but one that I feel very grateful that God has blessed us with.

There have been some pretty interesting situations, too, in which I feel as though God is reaching down and giving us a hug and saying, “I love you”.  Recently our van, in which we are leasing, the sliding door lock wasn’t working properly.  We had it checked out and found out that it was going to cost us around $700 + dollars b/c it was JUST over being out of warranty.  They called Chrysler and they agreed to cover it and it only cost us $50.  How can that not be a blessing? 

There has been many times in which God “hugs” us to let us know that he loves us.  Situations where people have taken us out to eat – which with a family of 6 is an expense even w/discounts :), given us clothes, gave us money just b/c they love us and want to help us out, watched our kids so that we can enjoy a night out.  All these are blessings to me.  There are so many times I don’t feel I deserve the outpouring of love that has been shown us and I have to remember that it can teach me to be humble.  To be able to receive these blessings and be so grateful for them is a humbling experience.  

I am so amazed that God has allowed us to have all that we have.  To look around me and see friends that are troubled with marital problems, behavioral problems with their children, difficulty making ends meet, health issues – makes me realize just how BLESSED I am.   And my way of giving back is to be there for my friends and try to help them see through their trials that can definitely turn into blessings.  I know – its happen to me many times.

May your day be blessed!