She has how many?

I have found the story of the mother of octuplets to be truly intriguing and then to listen to people around me voice their opinions about the situation even more so intriguing.  So very many are totally critical of the situation and it is astounding how many view her as so “out there.” 


Being a mother of only 4 myself – I can identify with her on the level of wanting many babies to fill the desire of unconditional love that these babies give you – especially in their early years.  It does seem selfish to many in one sense but when you feel so strongly the mothering yearning – you feel as though you could love a hundred!  My heart goes out to her as there are so many critical opinions of her and yet we will probably never hear the entire story. 

When watching some of the footage from Dateline – I was really taken how she interacted w/her children.  Yes, it could have all been for camera appearance only BUT it made me think.  Here I am with 4 children and do I always spend quality time w/them – am I the best mother I can be?  No!  There are so many people who want to point fingers at her not being a good mother just b/c she is stretched between 14 children.  How many of us are good parents w/the 1, 2, 3 or more that we have?   

As a mother of 4 and even before I had 4 – I have had a variety of people tell me that I have enough, was I really going to have more or even boldly say – oh they don’t need any more!  Even now – its a question – are you done?  WOW!!  So here it is…… this point in life I am very blessed to have 4 healthy children.  Am I ready to close the door and say YEP I am done …..ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  If God blesses us with more children – we will readily accept them.  God said in Genesis 1:28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth….”  I am just keeping up to my end of the bargain. 🙂  And on the other hand if God decides that we have done our part and we are done….so be it.

Just because 1, 2, 3 children are right for you doesn’t mean that its that for everyone.  Yes, we all have our struggles no matter how many we have and I have been Extremely blessed to have generous people in our lives who make it much easier to have a larger family.  They help us out with outgrown clothes, coats and other items that we might not of had otherwise.  I feel that my sister-in-law Mendy (and family) has been a huge blessing in this area as she has always keep a steady supply of outgrown clothes coming our way ever since we have had our first child!

And if you really look at it – having a large family for me has been a dream – it is teaching our children so much!  The materialistic wants of our children are going to be left behind one day and may not be important but they will always know the love of their family if we build our family relationship around people not things. 

So in saying all this I sum it up with  – just because you wouldn’t have chosen to have more children that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t either.